Forgings made of Copper and Aluminium Alloys


The forge shop focuses on the production of die forgings of the alloys of copper and aluminium. The forge shop is equipped with friction and crank presses with a forming force of 63 t – 2,300 t. Some presses are provided with fittings for hollow forging (horizontal and vertical). The most frequently used press is fitted with manipulators that facilitate forging in an automatic mode that meets the highest requirements for labour productivity and the quality of forgings. Once the flashes have been trimmed, the forgings are blasted in a standard way. Upon request, the forgings can be pickled, or ground and then polished, meanwhile their surface is passivated. We can also secure different types of galvanic treatment. The designing and construction of forgings is based on the CAD/CAM program as well as on cooperation with research workplaces and universities. 

In terms of most up to date technologies implementing we carry out the computer simulation of the moulding process. For the realization of all orders there is used high-quality raw material by renowned manufacturers as well. If need be, those materials are subsequently heat-treated in modern vacuum furnaces at an external heat treatment supplier. 

All other information can be obtained from our Commercial Department .