Our company also has a tool shop. This center is equipped with production capacity that covers the needs of the parent company as well as of external requirements. The tool shop orientates on the design, construction, and production of tools, on the production of prototype parts and tools. Tool shop production is supported by a quality, expanding team of specialists, by modern, high-quality mechanical and software equipment used for the designing and processing of technical documentation as well as for the implementation of projects. Designing and construction makes use of the CAD/CAM software, namely Unigraphics and Solid Edge. For the production of tools there is used HSC machining center Röders RPX 500 which is used from 2009. Production is carried out with standard or CNC machine tools. The tool shop has been certified according to EN ISO 9001:2000. This certification along with a stable team of employees and supreme mechanical equipment guarantee the high quality of production.

The main activities completed by tool-making center are designing, construction and production of:

  • Tools for die forging
  • Tools for trimming, shearing, bending and stamping
  • Jigs of all types (for assembly, testing, tack welding, bending, etc.)
  • Tools for stamping and pressing of logos, headings, and marks
  • Preparatory and clamping tools for chip machining
  • Mould for the injection of plastics and production of ingot moulds
  • Graphite electrodes according to the customer's requirements (in this case the customer's data can be used, or own data can be created)
  • Machine parts and wholes manufactured as individual pieces or in small series

All other information can be obtained from our Commercial Department .