The Company has an introduced system of receiving, in-process, and final inspections. The accent is on inspection carried out by individual employees. Production is measured mainly with gauges by a renowned Japanese company Mitutoyo.

The applied gauges mainly include:

•  LH – 600 B linear altimeter

•  Measuring Profile Projector PJ – A 300 + QM – Data 200 (a unit for data processing in the 2 D mode)

•  TM – 505 measuring microscope

•  SJ – 400 device for the measurement of surface roughness

These gauges can be used to measure radiuses, angles, profiles and various length parameters. 
All of the gauges are subject to calibration.

General inspection rules (receiving, in-process, final and own inspection) are stipulated in the systems of quality management according to EN ISO 9001:2000.


3D Measurement

We offer measurement on CNC measuring machine WERTH ScopeCheck MB 3D CNC.

Measuring range: X 500 mm  -  Y 600 mm  -  Z 450 mm

Granite board capacity: 500 kg

Glass table capacity: 100 kg

Measurement method:

  • CCD camera with high resolution and sensing system with edge detection
  • Touch-sense head Renishaw PH10T

Machine precision: E1 (1,8+L/120mm) μm, E2 (2,0+L/100mm) μm, E3 (4,5+L/75mm) μm

Metrological sequence: according to CMI (The Czech Metrology Institute), see certificate of calibration


We carry out measurement of complete workpieces, jigs and dies with evaluation of distance, bore diameters, perpendicularity, parallelism, roundness, general shapes, etc. There is possibility of repeated measurement of more pieces or pallet loading pieces.

Measurement is carried out in terms of drawing documentation or in the form of model which is stored in 3D electronic file of standard formats.

Measured values are in the form of certificate with possibility of 3D view, eventually in the form of certificate supplied by the customer.

All other information can be obtained from our Commercial Department .